Blaze destroys garage

Barnum, Moorland firefighters tackle fire that may have been caused by a heat lamp

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen Framed by a fishing boat destroyed in the blaze, firefighters work on putting out the remains of a garage that burned Friday afternoon at 1227 210th Street near Barnum.

BARNUM — A garage near Barnum was completely destroyed by fire Friday afternoon as firefighters battled the bitter cold to extinguish the blaze.

The fire at 1227 210th St. was reported around 2 p.m.

Volunteer firefighters from both Barnum and Moorland were dispatched to the scene.

Moorland Fire Chief Ken Thompson said the owner told Webster County sheriff’s deputies that he had been keeping a heat lamp in the barn to keep cats warm, and it’s believed that’s what caused the fire.

Thompson didn’t indicate whether any cats had been found while battling the blaze.

-Messenger photo by Peter Kaspari Moorland firefighters clear out hay and other debris while battling a garage fire in Barnum Friday afternoon.

He said the barn’s construction made it difficult to completely extinguish the fire.

“The construction of the building is just making it next to impossible to try and get to the fire,” he said. “The aluminum building, the sides fell in and the roof came down on top of it.”

“It just seals it up pretty decent, and of course the weather’s not helping us.”

The single-digit temperatures caused problems for at least one of the departments.

“I think Barnum’s had trouble with their water because of the temperature,” Thompson said. “We’re just trying to make do the best we can right now.”

-Messenger photo by Peter Kaspari Moorland firefighters drag the overhead door that was once attached to a garage away from a smoldering pile Friday afternoon in Barnum.

Among the debris firefighters cleared out from the rubble were an overhead door and a small boat, the latter of which’s front half was completely melted by the flames.

The Webster County Sheriff’s Department also responded to the scene.