Webster County sells ‘School Street’ property in Kalo

Two tracts of land in Kalo marked as a road in official documents, but never used as a road, were sold by Webster County Tuesday morning to the highest bidder.

Officials said the plan is for the eastern property to be used as a yard or an extension of the property to the west, which is located along Main Street. A neighbor with property surrounding the eastern tract also bid unsuccessfully on that parcel, and told the Webster County Board of Supervisors she’d been told 40 years ago that this land belonged to her.

The two tracts were marked as School Street in the official plat of Kalo, recorded Oct. 28, 1872, in the Webster County recorder’s office.

The parcels in question are located east of Main Street and just south of an existing access road or alley.

There was only one bid on the west property, and three bids submitted on the east property.

Guthrie and Associates, on behalf of Keith Lee Snyder, submitted the winning bid of $501 for the east property, while neighbor Janice Beahler bid $500. A third bid for $105 was submitted by Narlan and Diane Andrews, another neighbor.

The west parcel was sold to Guthrie and Associates, on behalf of Shirley Weimer, for $501.

Weimer owns the property south of this tract, and a house located mostly on the county’s parcel. Supervisor Merrill Leffler said Weimer plans to sell this land to Snyder.

“I have maintained that property for over 40 years,” Beahler said. “If this is sold to someone else, it effectively splits my land into two separate pieces.

“I was told it was my property, and 40 years later I’m told it’s not, and they’re going to sell it. I think for a difference of $1, it’s ridiculous.”

The supervisors don’t only consider the price of the bid, they also look at planned use of the land, and whether or not the seller has any active zoning violations.

Beahler currently has a zoning violation on the five separate properties surrounding the one that was sold, due to dilapidated buildings, said Webster County Planning and Zoning Administrator Chad Bahr.

The county has been in contact with Beahler for two years regarding the issues, Bahr said, and is now about to put out a bid to have a cleanup or abatement done of the dilapidated properties.

Beahler said she has someone lined up to abate the buildings, and also has someone interested in buying the old vehicles stored on the land.

Speaking on behalf of Guthrie and Associates, Scott Underberg said efforts have been ongoing for the past two years to sell the west parcel.

Since both parcels were owned by the county before, no taxes have been paid on them for years, Supervisor Nick Carlson said.