Webster Co. shed, equipment sale set

One more Webster County shed will be sold, along with snowplow trucks and other equipment, at a live auction in about two weeks.

The county continues sales of some of its no longer needed properties as the new storage and maintenance building at 1950 225th St. comes into use.

The auction will be held at 1 p.m. Nov. 5 at the Callender shed, 812 Margaret Ave. in Callender. Following this, the equipment will be auctioned off at the Otho shed, 2096 240th St., Fort Dodge.

There may be as many as four snowplow trucks up for sale, said Webster County Engineer Randy Will. The sale is for all sorts of unneeded equipment or supplies; it could include air compressers, power washers or bridge beams. He said a detailed list will be available later this week, and will be included in the public notice of the sale.

The county conservation department, sheriff’s department and other county offices will also have equipment or supplies to sell, Will said.

The Callender shed was not auctioned off along with four other county sheds recently because of a legal question the day of the sale, Supervisor Merrill Leffler said.

On Tuesday Leffler said notice will be given to the potential buyers that the shed’s useage as storage will be grandfathered in.

“I spoke with the Callender city attorney Darren Driscoll about the shed, and he was in agreement with our position,” said assistant county attorney Brad McIntyre. “So to clear up any confusion to the public or potential buyers, that nonconforming use will be continued with the sale.”

An open house will begin at noon for potential buyers to see the equipment. Contact the engineer’s office the week before at 576-3281 to see items earlier. An open house will begin at 12:30 p.m. for the Callender shed.

The Otho shed where the equipment will be auctioned has already been sold previously. That property will change hands on Nov. 15.

The county still has sheds in other locations, including near Clare, Badger, Dayton and Harcourt, Supervisor Mark Campbell said. It also recently purchased a former DOT shed in Gowrie which is now used for the county roads department.