The gift of appreciation

Local restaurant owner to give gift certificates to law enforcement

A local man who owns businesses in Fort Dodge and Duncombe will be offering gift certificates for free meals to area law enforcement officers.

Bruce “Stumpy” Wagner, owner of Stumpy’s Bar and Grill, in Duncombe, and Stump’s Snow and Mow, in Fort Dodge, plans to give the gift certificates to the Webster County Sheriff’s Department and Fort Dodge Police Department.

Wagner said he wanted to show his appreciation for area law enforcement.

“They’re always working hard,” he said. “They’re doing things that must of us can’t and won’t do. They’re just underappreciated.”

He also said he believes the police officers and sheriff’s deputies in town “are doing a pretty good job, I feel.”

The gift certificate entitles all the law enforcement officers who receive it to a free meal and drink at Stumpy’s Bar and Grill.

“I just wanted to say thank you to all the law enforcement in the area,” Wagner said. “Especially with all the shootings all over the United States.”

He added that he knows several local law enforcement officers personally, including Sheriff Jim Stubbs, and said they’ve all treated him well.

Additionally, Wagner has personal connections to law enforcement.

His late brother-in-law was a police officer in Webster City, while his niece is a police officer in Ames.

“So I know firsthand some of the stuff they do,” he said.