County road construction coincides with Prestage

Webster County Engineer Randy Will is looking ahead to road construction that will happen next year.

The county Board of Supervisors heard about a planned detour on Iowa Highway 175 west of Gowrie, and a county road resurfacing project in the northeast part of the county at its regular meeting Tuesday morning.

The county’s project will primarily be along Webster County Road C56, which goes through Badger, with two additional “spurs.” The resurfacing will be from Webster County Road P56 north of Fort Dodge to Webster County Road C56 north of Vincent.

The county will also resurface Webster County Road P66, from Webster County Road C56 north to the Humboldt County line, and will resurface C56 from Vincent east to the Wright County line.

“The other stub goes from Vincent east to the Wright County line, which eventually goes to the Prestage pork plant,” Will said. “It worked out that how we had our five-year plan, and how this Prestage plant is being developed kind of coincided with each other, to a certain degree.”

The Iowa Department of Transportation will let the project, Will said, since it will use farm-to-market funds. That means the plans and projected costs are due this week. The project will be let in January for completion in the 2018 construction season.

The DOT will be doing a culvert replacement project along Iowa Highway 175 between March 1 and Nov. 30, 2018, Will said.

“They want to file that ahead of time,” Will said.

Although the paperwork says the detour could last that long, Will said it likely will be done more quickly. Drivers coming from the west will be diverted north along Webster County Road P33, west on Webster County Road D60 and then back south on P29.