Phone scam reported

The Messenger is not offering a chance to win a free cruise

The Messenger has received word of a phone scam from parties claiming to be from the Fort Dodge newspaper.

The scammers apparently claim that subscribers can win a cruise by subscribing to the paper. The caller ID reads “Fort Dodge Newspaper” on this call.

“The Messenger is not offering a cruise,” said Messenger Editor Jane Curtis.

Iowa Insurance Commissioner Doug Ommen has warned that scammers from anywhere in the world can “spoof” caller IDs and appear to be calling from a local number when they really are not.

Fort Dodge Police Lt. Joel Lizer had a simple suggestion.

“I’d just hang up,” Lizer said.

Anyone who is targeted for a scam can call the Police Department, Lizer said. The department tries to keep track of what scams are going around so they can get the word out and warn the public.

“We like to be in the know,” Lizer said.

And “if someone loses money we’ll take a report.”

Credit card numbers and other sensitive information should not be given out over the phone to an unknown person who called you. When in doubt, hang up and the call the correct number yourself.

The number for The Messenger is 573-2141, or (800) 622-6613.

Contact the Police Department at 573-2323.

Ommen said scams and fraud should be reported to the Iowa Insurance Division, (515) 281-5705 or; or to the Attorney General’s office at (515) 281-5926 or