Escape Room Parties is on the move

Escape Room Parties, a division of Atwood & Associates Inc., based in Gilmore City is undergoing an aggressive expansion of its services. The company has operated Evergreen Gifts & Fun Park in Park Rapids, Minnesota, for nine years and added escape rooms five years ago.

Tom Atwood, president of Escape Room Parties, said that escape rooms are a game in which participants are “locked” in a room (the door is never actually locked), and they work together to follow clues and solve puzzles that will eventually lead to their “escape.”

“We had no idea how much people would enjoy this game and how big escape rooms would become when we added our first one at the fun park,” Atwood said. “We now offer three rooms.”

Last winter, the idea was floated to offer a mobile version of the game.

“Algona High School’s After Prom committee was looking for something new and different. After some discussions, we developed three mobile rooms. A jail, an archaeology dig, and a locked-lockers scenario. The kids really seemed to have a lot of fun,” Atwood said.

Escape Room Parties puts a different twist on the mobile aspect from other companies. Rather than run the room in a trailer, they construct the rooms within the facility where the group is having their event.

“By setting up a complete room, the players get a feeling that they are really in that setting,” Atwood said.

Escape Room Parties has served some large events. In addition to after-prom parties, it has entertained at a corporate holiday party and was brought in as a fundraising event at The Fort Museum in Fort Dodge for a weekend. The Palo Alto County Fair has hired the company to have two days of rooms for people to experience at no charge to players.

“We are going to become more aggressive in finding more business opportunities,” Atwood said. “Our main focus will be on after-prom, corporate events, community events, fundraisers, and school groups including team-building. But escape rooms are perfect for any good sized gathering or event.”

Tom and Barb Atwood are from Gilmore City and have owned and operated Evergreen Gifts & Fun Park in Park Rapids, Minnesota, for nine years, while continuing to live in Iowa during the off-season. Atwood can be reached at (515) 368-1650 or by emailing The company’s website is