2018 Commercial Manure Applicator Training scheduled

POCAHONTAS — Commercial manure applicators should plan to attend the Commercial Manure Applicator training program scheduled for Jan. 4, 2018, from 9 a.m. to noon. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources will conduct the required three-hour training workshop at that time. There is no fee to attend the workshop, but commercial applicators must register by Dec. 28 by contacting the ISU Extension and Outreach Pocahontas County office at 712-335-3103.

Commercial manure applicators needing to recertify and those wanting to certify for the first time should attend. The workshop will provide the required three hours of annual training and will cover rules for applicators as well as land-application requirements, snow/frozen ground regulations, spill response, compaction, biosecurity, manure application uniformity updates, team communication, manure and hydrogen sulfide safety, and evaluation review.

All currently certified commercial manure applicator licenses will expire on March 1, 2018 Commercial applicators can attend training throughout the year, but if they were previously certified, they should plan to attend training and submit the forms and fees to DNR prior to March 1, 2018, to avoid paying the late fees. Certification fees for commercial manure applicators have not changed for 2018. ISU Extension and Outreach will charge a $10 fee to applicators choosing to view the certification materials on a non-scheduled reshow day at the county office. For this reason, all applicators are encouraged to attend the workshops or to plan to view training materials on the scheduled reshow date at their local county extension office. The fee will not apply to workshops or scheduled reshow dates.

Please contact your county extension offices to determine which days are scheduled for the manure applicator certification programs. Due to scheduling conflicts, many county extension offices will no longer accept walk-in appointments to watch the training videos.

If attending the Jan. 4, 2018, commercial manure applicator program or watching the three-hour video is not convenient, commercial applicators may contact their local DNR field office to schedule an appointment to take the certification exam. In addition to needing an appointment to take the exam, applicators must bring a pencil and photo i.d., and should plan to bring a calculator.

Applicators have another option, online certification, which an applicator can take their training on-line at DNR MAC eLearning site at https://elearning-dnr.iowa.gov/. The applicator will need to sign-in and get an A&A account.

Commercial manure applicators hauling, handling or land-applying primarily dry or solid manure are encouraged to attend the dry manure applicator workshops scheduled for February 2018.

For more information about the commercial applicator program contact the ISU Extension and Outreach Pocahontas County office at 712-335-3103 or access a list of the training locations at: http://www.agronext.iastate.edu/immag/certification/macprogrampostcard.pdf.