Hometown Pride

-Messenger photo by Joe Sutter

Bob Singer poses at the trail heading down to the river. As Fort Dodge Chamber of Commerce director for many years Singer saw the need for increased recreational opportunities in Fort Dodge. Singer said in the future he expects the riverfront to be developed.

Bob Singer

Over Bob Singer’s years of service in various public roles, the community has had its share of challenges. “In 2002 as director of the chamber, in one year I was invited to four meetings where the theme was what was wrong with Fort Dodge,” Singer said. After he was appointed ...

-Messenger photo 
by Kriss Nelson

Rita Kail, of Farnhamville,
displays a quilt she’s working on that will be donated to the Farnhamville Betterment Building Committee. The quilt will become part of a fundraiser for the group.

Rita Kail

FARNHAMVILLE — Rita Kail has not only been a resident of Farnhamville her entire life, but also has taken the time to serve the city for many years as well. “You think of it as home,” said Kail. “The beauty of a small town is the caring of each other, the knowing of your ...

Russ Seiler

HUMBOLDT — Longtime Humboldt business owner Russ Seiler spent the majority of 2016 rebuilding after a fire plagued his family-operated appliance store. The building caught fire May 17, 2016. Seiler, who serves as a volunteer firefighter, left his store in downtown Humboldt at about 6:15 ...

-Messenger photo by Peter Kaspari

Clarence Siepker, of Laurens, fixes up a car in his shop recently. A longtime Laurens business owner, Siepker has also held a number of leadership roles in the community, including serving as fire chief and a current Pocahontas County Supervisor.

Clarence Siepker

LAURENS — Back in 1976, Clarence Siepker moved to Laurens for a new business opportunity. The Mallard native, who learned to be an auto mechanic when he was in college, learned a garage was for sale and decided to purchase it. More than 40 years later, Siepker still owns Siepker Auto ...

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson

Ron Mohr, president of the Eagle Grove Museum board, holds a framed picture of downtown Eagle Grove from 1907 at the museum recently.

Ron Mohr

EAGLE GROVE — A lot has changed in Eagle Grove since Ron Mohr used to ride his bicycle around the town in the late 1960s. “Pop was still a dime when I was a kid,” Mohr said. “They pulled it out of the froster and man, was it cold.” The bottles containing the beverages were ...

-Messenger photo by Darcy Dougherty Maulsby

Deb Lightner, of Lohrville, recently retired from the board of Stewart Memorial Community Hospital in Lake City. “I never view community service as a chore,” she said.

Deb Lightner

LAKE CITY — Deb Lightner, of Lohrville, calls it her ah-ha moment. While she was well-acquainted with Stewart Memorial Community Hospital through her 12 years of service on the hospital board, it became personal when a good friend received care at SMCH. “My friend received a survey ...