Goldfield Community Women’s Club

-Messenger photos by Karen Weld Sonna Johnson, left, and Jayne Schipull are Goldfield Community Women’s Club members. They are still in process of getting the downtown park equipment installed. The group was instrumental in the needed fundraising and seeing that the project is completed. There are nearly 40 club members.

GOLDFIELD — Goldfield Community Women’s Club, nearly 40 strong of varying ages, has a reputation in the community of about 600 residents of “getting things done.”

The group meets about a half dozen times a year.

Group members learn all about what is happening in both their community and county. They also host fundraisers and don’t hesitate to tackle large projects.

“We want to enhance life in Goldfield,” said club member Sonna Johnson.

Most recently, the group embarked on the work and raising dollars needed to replace the playground equipment in its downtown park.

The more than $75,000 project is nearing completion.

“We have ongoing fundraisers,” said member Jayne Schipull, “but really stepped it up in the last year plus.”

Existing playground equipment was moved to the Boone River Park in the northwest part of Goldfield.

Money was raised in a variety of ways. From a spring vendor, bake sale and plant sale and silent auction to a December tour of homes. There was also a soup and pie fundraiser as well as serving the meal for Fountain City Day.

Besides grants, there were also financial gifts from individuals and families.

“We couldn’t have done this without the financial support of the city of Goldfield, as well as the help of some of the city employees,” Johnson said.

To comply with state parks and recreation standards, the new equipment is being installed by an outside group.

“This helps the city with insurances and the warranty on the playground pieces,” said Schipull.

Both Schipull and Johnson are looking forward to having everything ready for kids to use and enjoy before Fountain City Day on Saturday, July 30.

The new installation will by compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The equipment is only one of many contributions the Goldfield Community Women’s Club has made to the town. There are also a large number of annual events the women plan and take part in.

Blood drives are held twice a year, Santa Claus comes to the park every Christmas and there’s an annual Easter egg hunt.

And there’s even more, according to Johnson.

“We have our annual charity fund drive,” she said. “It is similar to a community chest in other communities. Our goal is $5,500 and the money is given to 25 organizations, both inside our town and outside.”

The group teams up with the Bayview Study group to offer an annual scholarship to a Clarion-Goldfield-Dows graduate.

“We always do many things connected with Fountain City Day,” said Schipull. “We host a number of kids’ games which are free to those who participate. They can win prizes.”

One of the most popular events is the balloon toss.

“We have six or seven coolers of water filled balloons,” she said. “It is usually hot and participants get wet. It is just fun for everyone.”

The duo enjoys working in tandem with others in their group to make positive things happen in their own lives. Not only that, but they work with other Goldfield Community Women’s Club members and the community as a whole.

“It is great to have a project that is well done,” said Johnson.