From our files: Sept. 11, 2018

10 Years ago: Sept. 11, 2008

NEWS: State transportation officials were considering adding $48 million to the project to widen U.S. Highway 20.

SPORTS: Iowa Central beat Iowa Western 3-0 in men’s soccer, but the Iowa Central women’s team lost 1-0.

25 Years ago: Sept. 11, 1993

NEWS: Kenny Sanders tractor was ranked second in its class on the Grand National Circle, enabling him to participate in the Super Pull — the national truck and tractor pull championship.

SPORTS: St. Edmond beat Humboldt 14-12 in football.

50 Years ago: Sept. 11, 1968

NEWS: Nancy Putnam, 22, of Fort Dodge, was serving in the Peace Corps as a teacher in Ethiopia.

SPORTS: Nickie Metzger bowled a 203 game in the Rambling Rose league.