From our Files — Aug. 17, 2018

10 Years ago: Aug. 17, 2008

NEWS: Volunteers manned golf carts to move the contents of the Rockwell City Public Library to its new location.

SPORTS: Tanner Kesterson, of Fort Dodge, placed 25th overall at the Junior PGA National Championship golf tournament.

25 Years ago: Aug. 17, 1993

NEWS: Fort Dodge police investigated a burning cross at Second Baptist Church, 1827 Fourth Ave. S.

SPORTS: Pat Halligan and Lubon Hiszczynskyj won the Sunkissed Meadows Two-Person Best Shot golf tournament.

50 Years ago: Aug. 17, 1968

NEWS: James M. Pirie, 30, of Fort Dodge, added all the phone numbers in the Fort Dodge telephone book and came up with a total of 71,928,335,305.

SPORTS: Sandy’s Distributing of Fort Dodge lost 1-0 to Reames of Des Moines in the opening round of the state softball tournament.