From our files: Feb. 11, 2017

Feb. 11, 2007

NEWS: Weekly wages in Iowa remained 18.5 percent below the national average and grew slower than the rest of the country, according to federal statistics.

SPORTS: Championship performances from juniors Ryan Halverson and Jason Trushcheff led a hand to the Dodgers in claiming a third-place standing in CIML wrestling action.

Feb. 11, 1992

NEWS: A resolution was being prepared to discuss weekly curbside recycling options in Fort Dodge.

SPORTS: Ellsworth beat Iowa Central 77-73 in basketball.

Feb. 11, 1967

NEWS: Webster City legislators fielded heavy volumes of mail from residents expressing their opinions on a bill that aimed to end Daylight Saving Time.

SPORTS: The seventh-grade basketball teams from North and South junior highs met for the first time in history at the Dodger fieldhouse.