Senior High to present ‘Sundown Alley’ as fall play

The Fort Dodge Senior High drama department will present Sundown Alley at 7 p.m. on Nov. 2 and Nov. 3 in the Gail Niceswanger Little Theater at the high school.

Long before Norma Desmond of Sunset Boulevard fame, there was Norma Desperate of Sundown Alley, out west in the tiny town of Lizard Gulch. Norma retired from the stage because the audiences diminished, but she plans a sensational comeback once her version of “Cinderella” is complete. She’s been working on it for 40 years. Norma owns the Desperate Rooms Hotel, and allows downhearted actors without a role in life to stay there rent-free. As a rental requirement, however, they must applaud and yell “Bravo!” almost continuously.

Into Norma’s dream world crawls Sly Vester, the seedy villain, who convinces Norma he’s a playwright with the ability to polish the “Cinderella” clinker. Before long, Norma is writing checks for a production that will never actually happen. Sly and his tricky partner in crime, Delilah Desdemonda Dilly, have it made until another smelly bandit, Billy the Goat, shows up and demands a cut of the action. It’s up to the new sheriff, Johnny Straightshooter, who is in love with Amy Sweet, the schoolmarm, to sort things out.

The play includes 21 cast members and approximately 10 backstage crew members.

Admission is $5 per person. Tickets will only be sold at the door. Activity tickets will not be honored. For more information, contact the Senior High office at 955-1770.