Power Dodger Time gives extra support

Fort Dodge Senior High students needing extra academic support now have another option in Power Dodger Time.

Power Dodger Time is an intervention strategy designed for students who need to improve their grades, are struggling with a concept, or have missing work.

“As we move to a multi-tier system of supports for students we were looking for a way to provide more support for our kids,” said Lynnae Harvey, FDSH assistant principal. “We needed to find a way to do this without requiring students to stay after school or miss instructional time for another class, so Dodger Time was a logical choice.”

Power Dodger Time takes place in two-week cycles. Teachers submit a request for which kids they would like to work with during each cycle.

The group of 12 to 20 students then meets with that teacher for 26 minutes two times a week for two weeks during Power Dodger Time. Each two-week cycle has a priority area of focus.

“The current cycle is focused on component recovery,” Harvey said. “Students who failed a class first trimester with a score between 50 to 59 percent are working to raise their scores to passing. If they do, the original grade stands, but they are given a passing mark for credit.”

The idea for Power Dodger Time came from Scott Danielson, FDSH dean of students.

“When I came to Fort Dodge a couple of years ago, there had been a lot of talk about how to implement this type of support,” Danielson shared. “We used a similar format at my previous school district, so used that as a template for how to make it work here.”

According to Danielson, the students are taking advantage of the time Power Dodger Time offers them.

“The kids are good about going where they are supposed to go during each cycle,” he said. “They see it as time to get the help they want and need from their teachers without having to spend extra time at school. Power Dodger Time gives them almost two extra hours with that teacher over the two-week cycle.”

Students not needing the extra support during Power Dodger Time hang out in the gym, cafeteria or library.

“Overall both the students and staff are taking advantage of the extra time and support that Power Dodger Time offers,” Harvey stated. “We are anxious to see the impact the program has on our students over time.”