FD schools name December students, employee of the month

The Fort Dodge Community School District has named its students and employee of the month for December. This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school, one high school student, and one staff member monthly for exceeding expectations.

Armondez Mosley Clark is the elementary student of the month. He was nominated by Jeanna Gronbach, Cooper Elementary teacher. She said Clark is a hard-working, positive student who participates well with others and is reliable and helpful. He does his best in all areas of learning, using perseverance, collaboration and initiative on a regular basis and particularly if he is struggling with a concept. While Clark struggled after facing a family tragedy, he has shown tremendous growth, participating in class and demonstrating he is well-adjusted.

“Armondez is hard working, has a caring heart and infectious smile,” Gronbach said. “He will stop and hug anyone and everyone in the hall just because that is who he is.” Clark is the son of Shabreka Smith.

Aaron Amhof is the middle school student of the month. He was nominated by Patty Zahm. She stated Amhof is a student who always has his hand up to share opinions, knowledge and interpretations. He asks thoughtful questions to spark conversation in the classroom and works well with all students. He exhibits responsibility, respect and fairness. While he recently missed school due to a health issue, he never made excuses for his work, doing what he could in advance of his absence and following through with the rest of his work despite bandaged hands. He is an involved student, participating in cross country, band and choir.

“Aaron is very kind and non-judgmental,” Zahm said. “He is a wonderful kid and great Dodger role model.” Amhof is the son of Duane Amhof and Roxanne Amhof.

Lief Klaschen-Bruns is the high school student of the month. He was nominated by Derek Haugland. Haugland said Klaschen-Bruns has the attitude, optimistic outlook and character that make people want to be around him. Haugland said he finds himself seeking Klaschen-Bruns out during the week just to talk because he knows it will brighten his day. Klaschen-Bruns always has a smile on his face, a story to tell and leaves an impression on those he interacts with. He is OK not being in the spotlight and probably doesn’t even realize the impact he has on others.

“The world needs more of Lief,” Haugland said. “Everyone needs a Lief in their life to show the positive, someone to bring laughter and smiles. I am grateful FDSH has Lief and know my life would not be the same without him and his contagious optimism.” Klaschen-Bruns is the son of Anthony Baedke and Heather Baedke.

Lisa Reisner, instructional coach, is the employee of the month. She was nominated by Kate Simpson. She said Reisner proactively seeks opportunities to help others and is always looking for student-centered solutions when brainstorming and problem solving. Reisner helps others think about things in new and different ways, pushing others’ thinking in a respectful and professional manner. She spreads positively everywhere she goes and is helpful and kind to everyone she meets, smiling and brightening others’ days. She builds strong relationships with students and staff and assumes the best about everyone she encounters.

“Lisa is dedicated to keeping students at the center of everything we do and is always thinking about how she can help us accomplish our mission to raise the bar, close the gap and believe all kids do well if they can,” Simpson said.