FDSH professional development focuses on technology

With the implementation of the 1:1 Chromebook initiative at Fort Dodge Senior High, teachers are using professional development opportunities to learn more about technology integration.

Recently, Steven Wilcken, math instructor, shared with his peers how he uses technology in math lessons. Wilcken uses Google Slides to present a “Problem of the Day.” The problem is given to students at the end of class and they must return with it completed the next day. While each student uses pencil and paper to solve the problem, they then use their phones to take a picture of their work and upload it into the Google Slides presentation for the day. Students review others’ work and provide comments on it electronically.

“It’s important for students to collaborate through technology,” Wilcken said. “In many instances problem solving is done electronically today, with those working together not even sitting in the same location. It’s important for our students to find ways to communicate and share their math ideas electronically with other students and teachers.”

Susan Boyd, art teacher, also shared her use of technology in the classroom with other teachers. Her Art Studio students are exploring in Adobe Photoshop. Each student uploads a selfie, places a grid on it, removes the color from it, adjusts the brightness and then posterizes the image. The student then prints the image and chooses a color scheme to use to paint the image.

“This project allows students to begin with a digital image and end with a traditional one,” Boyd said. “Kids are very tech savvy, so using various technology is a bait and really brings them into the project.”