FDCSD names November students and employee of the month

The Fort Dodge Community School District has announced its students and employee of the month for November. This program recognizes one elementary, one middle school and one high school student, as well as one staff member monthly for exceeding expectations.

Dawson Skoland is the elementary student of the month. He was nominated by Steph Anderson, Butler Elementary principal.

Anderson said Skoland greets staff and students respectfully every morning and demonstrates good sportsmanship as he participates in club activities to begin his day. Skoland has been identified as a leader in the building, recently joining the student leadership team, where he advocates for students and changes that need to happen in the building to make the educational experience better for all students. Skoland has started to embrace the opportunity to interact in positive ways with his peers and adults. He has become a strong advocate for himself, taking opportunities to remove himself from situations where trouble might arise for him.

“Dawson models appropriate behavior and follows expectations throughout the building,” Anderson said. “It has been amazing to see him overcome his challenges and help out throughout the building with others who are experiencing similar challenges.”

Brooke Geopfert is the middle school student of the month. She was nominated by Patty Zahm, a teacher at Fort Dodge Middle School. According to Zahm, Geopfert works hard, raises her hand to ask clarifying questions, comes in for help when needed and can be counted on to put full effort into not only meeting learning targets, but exceeding them. She is a fantastic participant in class. Zahm also shared that Geopfert has been an active part of the Friends of Rachel Club all three years she has been at the middle school. She often asks if there is anything she can do to help, and when she sees another student who needs a hand she is there to offer hers without waiting to be asked. Twice this year, Geopfert has privately reported something that was not right. She stands up against bullying, refusing to be a bystander.

“Brooke is the type of person who goes out of her way to help those who don’t seem to have a lot of people in their corner,” Zahm said. “She is a constant model of goodness.”

Angela Bass is the high school student of the month. She was nominated by Julie Hughes, a teacher at Senior High. She said Bass routinely displays personal motivation to accept and work through academic challenges. Her recent participation in the International World Food Prize Conference, where she was invited to attend based on the strength of her research and writing focused on food scarcity solutions for South Korea, is evidence of this. The opportunity to present her work to a panel of students and adult experts in the field of agriculture and science showcases her attention and commitment to her studies.

Hughes said Bass is a quiet student, productive when in a learning space and is considerate of others who share the same environment. She offers respectful conversation and is willing to participate, collaborate and engage in solid discussion, always understanding of various perspectives.

“Angela exhibits the characteristics of a well-rounded student who puts her education first,” Hughes said. “She has established solid goals for her future and takes meaningful steps toward the achievement.”

Peg Christensen, FDSH school counselor, is the employee of the month. She was nominated by Scott Danielson. He said Christensen consistently goes above and beyond the duties of her position. She makes it her personal mission for all the students she works with to meet their academic goals. She leads the charge with parent meetings, problem solving meetings and any other methods she thinks will help her reach students. He said through all of this Christensen never complains and always goes out of her way to help students.

“Students respect Peg’s push and dedication to them in order to help them reach their goals.” Danielson said.

He also acknowledged Christensen is helping lead the transition of the high school to a PBIS building and that she is the driving force behind YouthNet.