CCS students take field trips

Community Christian School students traveled to Des Moines on Oct. 12 to tour Terrace Hill and the Salisbury House.

The fifth- through eighth-grade classes learned about Iowa’s governors and Iowa History. They learned about the original builder of the house, how it came to be donated to the state, and some fun facts about the house.

The Salisbury House was modeled after a home built in England in the 15th century. It was furnished with pieces from that time period. The students felt like they had truly stepped back in time.

On Oct. 26, the third- through eighth-grade students traveled to Living History Farms in Des Moines. They were divided into three groups and took turns learning about what it was like to be a blacksmith, work in a broom factory, and work in a millinery making hats. These demonstrations took place in the town portion of Living History Farms. The theme for all three hour-long sessions was how the Industrial Revolution changed these professions through the years.

At each station, the students got to do some hands-on activities.

In the blacksmith’s shop, they were able to actually work the bellows and hammer the red-hot metal into a chain. In the broom factory, all three classes worked together to make a broom, which has been kept in the school office. In the millinery shop, the students participated in sewing something called a cockade out of ribbons and buttons.