FDSH music students earn ratings at festival

Students in the Fort Dodge Senior High music department participated in the 2017 Solo and Ensemble Festival held at the school on April 7. Students from the band, orchestra and vocal departments were judged on 48 performances and participated in short clinics with the judges.

Best of Center Awards were given to Julie Thompson, Hannah Gebers, Nathan Hayes, Grace Sweeney and Bryan Bair for their percussion ensemble and to Annie Larid for her flute solo. Additional results were as follows:

Division I (Superior) Ratings were as follows: a cappella ensemble: Hannah Amhof, Natalie Peterson, Olyvia Selby, Annie Laird, Gretta Leigh, Andrea Blocker, Courtney Cordle, Luke Durand, Dartangan Dohrn, Brayden Bell, Eli Asay, Landon Getting and James Curtis; female vocal ensemble: Chloe Vinchattle, MaKayla Pingel, Marissa Smith, Malorie Tracy, Hannah Gebers, Ellie Yoder, Katie Parsons, Jessica Jordison, Kirsten Wendell, Hope Anderson, McKayla Smith, Hyunah Na, Kylie Portz, Faith Lawler and Nicole McDowell; vocal solo: Eli Asay; vocal solo: Andrea Blocker; vocal solo: Dartangan Dohrn; vocal solo: Olyvia Selby; vocal solo: Collin Ellsbury; vocal duet: Olyvia Selby and Dartangan Dohrn; vocal solo: Keziah Henkelman.

Clarinet solo: Kayla Smith; piano solo: Kayla Smith; flute solo: Annie Laird; oboe solo: Ali Paulson; alto saxophone solo: Annie Niemeyer; alto saxophone solo: Justin Vaughan; flute choir: Katie Parsons, Samantha Fuchsen, Isaach Tripp, Kadi Messerly, Olyvia Selby, Karisa Meier, Lexi Hemann, Rachel Sporrer and Annie Laird; flute solo: Katie Parsons; flute solo: Karisa Meier; clarinet choir: Natalie Peterson, Rinoa Lund, Skyler Nielsen, Shaye Lankford, Bryor McCuddin, Taylor Willer, Nicholas Martinson, Annalise Ward, Sydney Karr, Taylor Smith, Marissa Richardson, Christyn Nichols, Cassandra Sweeney, Taylor Potter, Ali Paulson, Ashley Neavin, Antavion Adams, Kayla Smith, Avery Kenemer, Taishonna Ludwig, Amber Steenhoek, Avi Guergo, Cole Davis and Luke Beckman.

Snare drum solo: Julie Thompson; percussion ensemble: Julie Thompson, Hannah Gebers, Nathan Hayes, Grace Sweeney and Bryan Bair; woodwind duet: Lexi Hemann and Mackenzie Sharpe; contra alto clarinet solo: Taylor Potter; string trio: Bridget Summers, Cameron Larson and Jack Prentice; trombone solo: Brock Weber; horn ensemble: Malorie Tracy, Kirsten Wendell, Alex Dischler, Tristian McCuddin and Mercedes Loehr; saxophone ensemble: Ali Paulson, Justin Vaughan, Andrew Schertz, Landon Getting, Hailey Sorenson and Ashley Neavin.

Division II (Excellent) Ratings were as follows: mixed vocal ensemble: Chloe Vinchattle, MaKayla Pingel, Malorie Tracy, Marissa Smith, Dartangan Dohrn, Collin Ellsbury, Brandon Shirley and Jamie Lennon; mixed vocal ensemble: Alaina Porter, Grace Champagne, Olivia Ferris, Abby Adams, Kane Freeman, David Folsom, Geoff Astor, Antavion Adams and Jacob Miller; mixed vocal ensemble: Hannah Reynoso, Emily Asay, Chelsea Sayer, Skyler Nielsen, Nate Stanley, Rafi Lim and James Curtis; vocal solo: Hannah Amhof; vocal solo: Landon Getting; vocal solo: Faith Lawler; vocal solo: Antavion Adams; vocal solo: Emily Asay; vocal solo: Katie Parsons; alto saxophone solo: Andrew Schertz; alto saxophone solo: Chris Hatton; flute solo: Lexi Hemann; flute solo: Kadi Messerly; brass choir: Geoff Astor, Nathanial Madden, Dylan Bethke, Nehemiah Hippen, Collin Granahan, Austin Andrews, Tristian McCuddin, Alex Dischler, Jacob Cook, Christian Lundberg, Brayden Peterson, Andrew Fierke, Shane Greve, Mercedes Loehr, Kirsten Wendell, Marissa Smith, Jonathon Madden, Brock Weber, Malorie Tracy, Nate Arhart, Jamie Lennon and Dalton Gregerson, tuba solo: Geoff Astor; trombone quartet: Brock Weber, Jamie Lennon, Nehemiah Hippen, Austin Andrews; tuba solo: Austin Andrews

Division III (Good) Ratings were as follows: violin solo: Kaylynn McGriff; trumpet solo: Andrew Fierke; trumpet solo: Alex Dischler; trombone solo: Dylan Bethke.