Webster County residents participate in Leadership Class

The Webster County Leadership class met at the Heartland Community Room in Gowrie in January and February. This class was an outgrowth of discussions held by the Gowrie Development Commission. Modules shared with participants by ISU Extension and Outreach specialists included Leadership in the Local Context, Leading Effective Meetings, Understanding Ourselves and Others, Communicating and Listening, Creativity in Leading Groups and Organizations, and Leading Development in the Community. One of the highlights of the class was meeting with different organizations around the area to hear how one can be involved in volunteering. Those organizations included Central Iowa RSVP, Webster County Extension and Outreach, Supervisor Mark Campbell, Zion Lutheran Church, United Methodist Church of Gowrie, Gowrie Development Commission, and Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance. Participants were Brad Adson, Kendra Breitsprecher, Kathy Carlson, Kay Christie, Danielle Clancy, Thomas Engquist, Trent Farnham Kelli George, Shawn George, Jesse Green, Tommy Halligan, Jesse Hansen, Tamara Hanson, Chris Hicks, Trevor Johnson, Tina Kastendieck, Claire King, Ronley King, Shannon Lucero, Travis Nuss, Luke Palmer, Katie Peterson, Sara Pieper, Chuck Riley, Mindy Roper, Zach Sells, Jon Shields, Alex Stewart, Gina Swanson and Becca Vogel.