Mileham, others benefit handicapped mom

Steve Mileham, United Bank of Iowa, helps a family in need. A young mother who is confined to a wheelchair needed a handicapped accessible stove. Mileham visited some appliance stores and purchased a convection top, handicapped stove with easy-to-reach controls out of his own pocket. Harp’s Appliance Outlet provided the cooktop at cost and Amspoker Custom Countertops built and donated the base and counter top. The cabinet and countertop were made so that the mother’s wheelchair could fit under the stove top so she could easily reach the burners. She has limited mobility in her arms, so making this easier for her to cook would make a very positive difference in her daily life. Mileham then contacted Bemrich Electric, who agreed to install the stove for her, since it had specific electrical requirements. Steve also contacted Walmart about convection-friendly cookware. Walmart helped to provide an entire set of pots and pans for the family. The pots and pans are also lighter weight, which will make it easier for the mother to handle. Anthony Bemrich of Bemrich Electric is pictured.