Wedding Registries: Keeping up

Retailers strive to stay atop of shifting wedding gift trends

Weddings are a very joyful time that bring friends and family together to celebrate the union and love of two people.

Over time, the wedding registry has changed, and what couples now register for are not just china, silverware, and items that help fill a new home.

Amanda Manke, gift registry director at Younkers said, “Registries have become much more casual over the years, allowing couples to inject color and fashion into their registries. Things like blue dinnerware, colorful and metallic cookware and kitchen electrics in every color of the rainbow.”

Nowadays, the couples ask for a variety of gift items and this even includes gift cards.

“Having a wedding registry ensures that you will get the gifts you want to need to build a home together. If you don’t tell your guests what you want you never know what you will get,” Manke said.

For the bride and groom, registering for wedding gifts should be fun and the perfect time to upgrade some household items, and most of the time the guests want their presents to be useful, wanted and needed.

“The No. 1 tip I give to all couples is to take an inventory at home of what they need, what you need to replace, or upgrade,” Manke said. “This way you can be confident that you are requesting all the right items for your home together and also don’t be afraid to register for fun items like outdoor furniture or higher priced items like a stand mixer. You never know who will buy you what.”

But there are trends in gift buying, just as there are trends that drive any other aspect of a wedding.

For instance, according to Younkers, in recent years some of the top trending items have included stand mixers, Keurig coffeemakers, waffle makers and luggage. They compete with the more classic gift choices of wine glass sets, bath towels and bedding.

But tradition seems to rule.

“Towels for the bathroom and kitchen in neutral colors like grays and browns are our most registered for items,” Manke said.

Non-traditional registry items include items that can be shared with friends or family when they have a get together.

Manke said, “We are seeing a lot of nearly-wed and newlywed couples entertaining friends and family casually at home, Sunday brunch, sporting events, cookouts, game nights etc. This means they are registering for more serving pieces, serving utensils and drinkware than ever before.”

It is also best to register months before the wedding so the guests have plenty of time to choose what they want to buy.

It is also best to register at two to three stores so the guests have plenty of places to go, along with plenty of times to choose from.

“Couples should register six to nine months prior to their wedding, this ensures that they have a full list of gifts available for wedding showers,” Manke said. “The main focus should be having enough gifts for guests to choose from on each of their registries. For example, if you only have two to three gifts on your list at one store your chances of getting those items goes down. Guests just like the registrants like choices.”

There are tons of options out there on what to register for, which is why it is better to decide early on what to register for and where to register.

Many stores even offer post-wedding discounts that will allow couples to purchase registry must-haves that the guests did not purchase on the registry.

If cash was gifted, this would be a perfect opportunity for the couple to personally choose items they registered for but did not receive at a great discounted price.

Remember, registry shopping should be one of the more fun parts of wedding planning.

As a couple, you have hand selected everything needed for the kitchen, bedroom, and beyond. All the items are a great way to help start a beautiful future with your spouse-to-be.

Manke said, “As registries have changed over the years the new rule is that there are no rules. Have fun, add items you want and need. Just because someone says you should or shouldn’t register for something doesn’t mean you have to listen to them. If you want to register for a pair of yoga mats so you can work out together, just do it.”