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RWC to play in Humboldt Aug. 5

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson Riddled With Class, an area cover band, pose together outside of a building in Rockwell City recently. From left to right: Jake Merritt, of Manson, Nick Ehrhardt, of Humboldt, Levi Drew, of Rockwell City, and Greg Merritt, of Manson.

HUMBOLDT — Riddled With Class is bringing their 90s alternative rock music to The Pour House in Humboldt Aug. 5.

The cover band, made up of four men from The Messenger region, is focused on attracting enthusiastic crowds to their shows.

“That’s our goal,” Nick Ehrhardt, the band’s bass player, said. “We did a show once in Eagle Grove after Summerfest and everyone in the crowd knew every word to every song. It was the perfect night.”

Ehrhardt hopes to recreate that excitement in his hometown of Humboldt at the band’s next show.

RWC will be performing at The Pour House to help celebrate the bar’s one year anniversary.

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson Levi Drew, of Rockwell City, sings during a recent rehearsal with the band Riddled With Class in Rockwell City. The band is playing at The Pour House in Humboldt Aug. 5.

The event will feature the bands RWC, 4Play and Tantrum 2Blind. Music starts at 6 p.m. Cost is $5.

Coriey Petersen, bar manager, has scheduled RWC to play at The Pour House several times in the past.

“RWC is one of our regular bands,” she said. “We try to have them at least once a month. They always bring in a good crowd because they are hometown boys.”

The band plays a variety of songs, she said.

“They do a lot of popular songs and put their own twist on it,” she said. “It’s something for everybody. They have a wide range and they definitely make it their own.”

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson Greg Merritt, of Manson, on guitar, left, and Nick Ehrhardt, of Humboldt, on bass, perform together recently in Rockwell City. Their band, Riddled With Class, is playing at The Pour House in Humboldt Aug. 5.

Ehrhardt has been playing in RWC for about four years. The name hasn’t changed but its members have, he said.

After parting ways with previous band members, Ehrhardt, who works in sales at Fort Dodge Ford Lincoln Toyota, began playing with his coworker at the time, Levi Drew, of Rockwell City.

“I was in a band called H-Town Hooligans and as that band was breaking up, some of us wanted to keep playing together and that’s how it started,” Ehrhardt said. “It can be hard to keep a band together sometimes.

“A year-and-a half ago, Levi and I started working at Fort Dodge Ford at the same time and we both knew we played, so one night we thought we would jam together,” Ehrhardt added.

“I twisted his arm until he stayed and kept playing us,” Ehrhardt added.

Drew plays guitar and sings.

In addition to playing in RWC, he also plays in another cover band called 4Play.

Regardless of if he was in a band, Drew said he would still be making music.

“If I wasnt in a band I would probably still play this stuff anyway, so it’s fun to get out in front of people and play and see that they enjoy it too,” Drew said.

Brothers Jake Merritt and Greg Merritt, both of Manson, are the other RWC band members.

They both work at Rieman Music in Fort Dodge, 1024 Central Ave.

Jake Merritt is on drums, while Greg Merritt plays guitar and sings.

“We needed a drummer and we knew Jake played drums,” Ehrhardt said. “These guys were just a good fit. We knew each other in passing being in the same area, but we didn’t really know each other that well.”

Jake Merritt said playing in front of others is a rush.

“It’s something we all love to do,” Jake Merritt said. “If you are a performer, it’s fun to just get out and play in front of people.”

The current group has been together for almost two months.

“Levi and I have played together for a while,” Ehrhardt said. “It’s been really good for us. These guys (Jake Merritt, Greg Merritt) fit right in.”

The band primarily plays popular alternative rock songs from the 90s, but will branch out.

“It kind of falls off of 90s alternative,” Ehrhardt said. “Different guys, different ideas, but 90s alternative is the home base.”

“We have played everything from Nirvana to Johnny Cash, with Adele in the middle,” Ehrhardt added. “We all have our favorites.”

Although the band plays a variety, Ehrhardt said two bands have been particularly inspiring.

“The bands we cover the most would be Foo Fighters,” he said. “I think everyone here has their favorite Foo Fighters song.”

“Blink 182 is another,” he said.

Under the Bridge by Red hot Chili Peppers, I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick, 3 AM by Matchbox 20, and Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind, are among the songs RWC performs.

Ehrhardt said he believes the band’s style is catching on.

“We are not like every other cover band,” he said. “There’s not a whole lot of cover bands that will do the material that we do, or at least all of it. You might get a band that will throw in five or six of our songs. The nice thing is that it’s finally gained some traction.”

RWC will be playing again Aug. 18 in Manson at Shore Side Pub & Grub. Music will start at 9 p.m. Admission is free.


RWC to rock Pour House

What: Pour House One Year Anniversary

Where: The Pour House, 728 Sumner Ave., Humboldt

When: Aug. 5

Time: 2 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Cost: $5