Oakland Cemetery Walk set for Saturday

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen With an nice parasol to help keep her cool, Ruth Bennett portays Cornelia Bagg, 1821-1896, during the 14th annual Oakland Cemetery Walk Saturday afternoon. Bagg's husband designed the cemetery but is ironically, buried at sea.

The 15th annual Oakland Cemetery Walk will begin at 1 p.m. Saturday.

During the 80 minute walk, a host or hostess will greet guests and guide them to several grave sites. At each grave site, an actor or actress portraying the person buried there will introduce themselves and entertain the guests with tales of old Fort Dodge.

During the walk, guests will get to meet Egbert Bagg Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Stillman Meservey, Mary Crawford Armstrong, Jonathon Dolliver, Adeline Swain, W.H. Johnston, Col. Leander Blanden, Maj. William Williams and Silas Corey.

Parking will be at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1436 21st Ave. N. Buses to the cemetery will depart from the church every 10 minutes.

There will be an ice cream social at the church.

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen Jeff Bluml, at left, portraying C. Frederick Becker, pretends to reenact a family tale about a pebble in his nose as Lori Cassady, portraying Wilhelmia Becker, is rather a bit taken aback during the 14th annual Oakland Cemetery Walk. Frederick Becker was the founder of Becker Florists which is still open in Fort Dodge. Wilhelmia was a long time manager of the business. Bluml even spoke in a German accent during his portrayal of Becker.

There will be a second performance by the actors and actresses at 2 p.m. Sunday at Friendship Haven.

Admission is $7, with children under 10 admitted free.

All the money raised will be used for Oakland Cemetery preservation efforts.

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen John Bonner, of Vincent, tells visitors to the 14th annual Oakland Cemetery Walk about his character, Dr. Stephen Olney, 1821-1891, a Civil War surgeon and the first doctor in Fort Dodge. Bonner made the wood medical chest on the table and has stocked it with look-alike medication from the era and one or two fun vials with Eye of Newt and a Spider Legs.