FDSH Class of 1967 calls for participants, prepares for 50th

Start making your plans now to attend our 50th Class Reunion from 6 to 10 p.m. at Fort Frenzy on Sept. 15. On Sept. 16, our dinner banquet, along with entertainment from the Fun Dueling Pianos, will be held at the Opera House Fort Museum in Fort Dodge. For more details regarding the 2017 Class Reunion, please visit our Class website at: www.fortdodge1967.com

We encourage all members of our class to visit and join the website, even if you will not be attending the 2017 Reunion. The website will be the primary source of information for the 50th class reunion. It will also serve as the class database and be the source for all future class correspondence.

Joining the website is easy. Just follow the instructions shown when you first sign on. Please fill out your profile and provide as much, or as little, personal information as you want to share. We also ask that in the future, you continue to update your personal information as needed. This website will automatically remind you for a profile update every six months. In order to continue receiving future class correspondence you need to join this website and provide us with a current email address. Because of the time and costs involved with mailings, in the future, all class communications will be via email and the website. If you have any questions please contact one of the following 2017 Class Reunion Co-Chairs and Committee: C.B. Higgins -Fort Collins, Colorado – (970) 224-9062 (Chiggins1967@yahoo.com); Dave Trumbo – Lafayette, Colorado – (303) 665-9877 (trumbdv@comcast.net); Neil Gadbury – Manson – 570-2356 (neil@gadbury.com).